Canadian Centre Medical

The Canadian Medical Center in the city of Dammam for the company's medical history is a complex medical clinics covering all medical specialties as satellite and childbirth, women and children and Batina and general surgery clinics and eye clinics and ear, nose and throat clinic, bone and general medicine clinic and Emergency Department and the Department of Radiology Section laboratory and pharmacy and a health club and a women's department of special attention Balepeshrhoaltjamil and Health Food Section.

The Canadian Centre Medical Mrkztabi first in the Kingdom holds a joint cooperation agreement between him and the Canadian Council for the recognition of medical facilities in the area of quality. The Canadian Medical Centre provides other health services, the first at the level of the eastern region, including medicine and communication service of the second medical opinion from the best medical centers and specialized international medical home care service. The Canadian Medical Centre is equipped with the latest types of advanced medical devices and selected works by distinguished doctors consultants and specialists from top medical skills that will contribute to the distinctive medical service to patients and Auditors to the highest standards of quality medical Canada


Provision of unique high level and professional medical care following the Canadian quality standards using the most developed diagnostic and treatment devices under supervision of international medical expertise and efficiencies.


Canadian Medical Centre provides programs to the unique and distinct pleasure, including:

  • Pregnancy follow up program
  • Early cancer detection program
  • Diabetics follow up program
  • Adults and child vaccination program
  • Household medical care program
  • Slimming & weight loss program
  • Labor medical examination program
  • Comprehensive medical examination program
  • Family Medical Insurance Program
  • One Day Surgary Program