Business Concept


Twenty five years ago, after Academy of Learning was established it is now continuously providing the best learning tools and advanced programs with international distinction. The company has The CONSUMERS’ CHOICE AWARD™ to back its trademark in providing quality education. This is a seal of excellence. Recipients of this award not only constitutes the crowning achievement of their efforts, but more importantly represents the most valuable reward of all, the knowledge that they have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers.

The Canadian Language Center is a specialized English Language School which is internationally recognized and operating with high standards of quality assurance. Considering its vision that is formulated “To be your foremost option throughout your odyssey in search of knowledge”, it speaks of a solid educational foundation that also targets global competency among its graduates.

On the other hand, Khayrat Educational Company considers the private sector very important, and effective partner in planning and achieving development, and development’s programs anchors its foundation in the end-result of enriching knowledge of an individual.

ARTICULATE professionals

Knowledge is the foundation of being ready and articulately express one’s thought and ideas that bring out better performance and skills which proudly what is Systems for Training & Consultancy aims for. Another company of KASCO that provides "An educational establishment that aims at rehabilitating the Saudi young people to join the Saudi market , and giving those, who have not had the chance to complete their higher education, the opportunity to be responsible and to improve themselves to meet their needs."

SOCIALLY responsive

Naturally, anyone who is fully equipped with advanced knowledge and can express himself articulately becomes a socially responsive professional that can meet the target goals and objectives of the company which Khyarat Al sharq for construction is focused on. Adhering to its core competence, Khyrat Al sharq for Construction is wholly owned Saudi Company which was formed and established in summer of 2008 by kasco group idea to undertake all aspects of construction in Heavy Civil engineering works throughout the kingdom and committed to a high level for customer satisfaction within all areas of its business.

CULTURAL diversity platforms

The fast-phased industry is relying heavily on the ability of each individual to adjust naturally and perform with utmost abilities in a multi-Cultural platforms, may it be on software, hardware, human intellect and social diversity. As a result of seven years experience in providing diversified IT Solutions, PIOTEC (Pioneer Technology) has established itself as one of the leading Information Technology solution providers in the Gulf region. In collaboration with a regional partner, PIOTEC set up a new branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has quickly set new dimensions for IT services across the region.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Medical Center which is located in Dammam the Canadian Medical Center one of KASCO Affiliates. It is a clinics complex of varies medical specializations like : OBS and Gynecology, Pediatric, Medicine, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, ANT, Astrology, General Medicine, Emergency, Radiation, Lab, Pharmacy, Women Health Club, Body Care, and Health Food Division. The Canadian Medical Center is the first center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has cooperative Agreement with the Canadian Council to provide confess to the Medical Organization in the field of quality, it also provide other services which is provided for the first time in the Eastern Province, and include communication medicine, second medical seeking opinion from the best international medical centers in the world and house medical care services.

OUTSTANDING performance

As KASCO and all the companies under its wings adhere to its visions and missions to provide sufficient knowledge and skills for its students, employees, clients and all that is affected by its productive impact there is no other way but to succeed in all its endeavors. People equipped with necessary tools and experience will perform in his utmost capacity as a leader, as a subordinate and as part of his community. This only means that the corporate spells PROGRESS as K. A. S. C. O.