Khyrat Al Sharq for Catering

In 2002 khyrat Al Sharq Catering Company was established as one of the affiliate companies of KASCO.

The company is considered to be the one of the largest catering organizations in the Eastern province. And it has acquired long term contracts with many governmental entities, private companies and private and public school and colleges.

Khyrat Al Khaleej for catering has proved for many years a great increasing success in the food market. In spite of the strong competition khyrat Al sharq Catering could interfere steadily in the market due to the strict policy of choosing high quality food products which is matching the taste of the consumers. Within a period of less than few years since starting in Al Ahasa 2002.

The Company serves its client throgugh the following divisions.

  • Schools, cantees and public and private colleges canteens section
  • Import and export sextion
  • Food commerce setion
  • Khyrats Egyptian rice section
  • Khyrat al Khaleejs pastry factory
  • Events and special occasion’s management section
  • Packaging section

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