Courses Systems for Training

The Courses systems for traning is a school designed specifically for learning English and Information Technology traning courses.. All of our teachers are native English speakers. We offer either 1 or 2-year diplomas or have a variety of programs at different levels, including courses especially for TOFEL, GRE, IELTS, SAT1, SAT2 and GMAT. The study material and textbooks are original and imported especially for the Courses systems for traning. They are distributed to the students free of charge. The staffs are Canadian, British, American, and Arab bilingual. However, the initial courses are taught by bilingual teachers, whereas advanced ones are taught by native speakers. Students go through a placement test to be evaluated and to be placed in an appropriate course.

Courses Systems for Traning offers a multitude of technical courses that are required to earn the most well-known and credible certification programs in the IT industry today.

The English Diploma program is based on a strong systematic syllabus and teaching ways reflect the current trends in language teaching and provides students with graded, developing practice in the four language skills : listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The emphasis on a purposeful and communicative approach to language learning which, at the same time, will provide students with a sound command of language structure and vocabulary.

This course is very relevant to non- English speakers needs. It is recommend to anyone who needs better skills for their future career, studying or life. Especially the upper levels include a lot of advanced vocabulary useful in business life.

We invested 3 years so that you feel confident investing your precious time and money in our program.

The Courses Systems for traning virtual classroom is a place where the best technology and the best teachers in the world join together to help every student achieve success.

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